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Summary of 3rd Anniversary Event held at Taj Connemara on April 3, 2009

Empowering women in IT or eWIT is a forum that was formed three years ago with  the objectives of increasing the share and sustainability of the women in IT/ITES by helping them with necessary skills and creating opportunities. On Friday, April 3, 2009, it celebrated its 3rd anniversary.
The focus this year was “Women Managers in Challenging times.”
Ms. Saundarya Rajesh of Avtarr Career Creators spoke about ‘Work Life balance’ of working women.  She said according to a survey, women professionals are not affected by recession and women are most preferable in the corporates as they are balancing well at both the ends.  She emphasized that it is our duty to educate our sons about the importance of sharing domestic challenges with the spouse for a successful work life balance of future families.
Mr. Ganesh Chella of Totus consulting spoke about mentoring.  He showed how women can effectively use mentors and coaches to reach their specific career goals.  Further, he urged that eWIT should provide Mentoring / coaching services to the members and offered to help eWIT on this.
Ms. Jamuna Swamy of Hexaware spoke about importance of building resilience skills by sharing with the audience the challenges she faced in her own career and how she managed to successfully migrate from a public sector banking industry to IT industry. She emphasized on the need to be proactive by equipping ourselves with skills and reactive to enhance our career.
Ms. Chaya Srivatsa of GOWA (Guild of Women Achievers) spoke about importance of networking skills.  She gave few examples from her personal life that how networking helped in her professional life.  She said that networking should not be an action with selfish motive.  She said that networking with people not only within the industry but also seek outside.  Being vocal about ones visions and values to the people you meet are important to get noticed and staying in touch with people  is also part of networking.
Finally IT Secretary Mr. Davidar said it is important to complement each other role and we should manage our expectations, be prudent about expansion plans and maintain the required level of energy to survive the challenging times. 

On this occasion, eWIT also awarded Rs. 60,000 worth of cash prize to the winners of the Excellence Award 2009.  The 3rd Anniversary souvenir was also released.
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