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Summary of 8th Anniversary Event


The 8th anniversary event of eWIT was celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour at the Hyatt Regency on 5th May 2014. The theme of the event ‘Ascend Take charge’ was discussed in detail by the key speakers who addressed to an audience mainly comprising of women representing different companies.  The event began with an invocation by Miss. Gayathri.

After the initial networking and high tea, the program commenced with Ms. Rama Sivaraman, president of eWIT addressing the audience. She highlighted that working women should take control of their destiny. Ms. Rama mentioned that the support of family and good infrastructure can make a huge difference in helping women to climb the leadership ladder.

Mr. C.N Ram, Cofounder, Rural shores was the first of the speakers to address the audience. He mentioned that the empowerment of women happening at an alarming rate. On his thoughts on entrepreneurship, he mentioned that it is not a male domain anymore. Male bastions are fast crumbling. Mr. Ram also gave a wonderful meaning to the theme ‘Ascend – Take charge’ by abbreviating:

A ->Aspire
S-> Stride
C-> Collaborate
E-> Educate
N-> Nurture
D-> Demonstrate

Dr. Jayanti, Ravi Commissioner, Higher education, Govt. of Gujarat addressed the audience with her insightful thoughts on the theme. She started off on a great note by saying: To ascend, we need to descend i.e., we need to build a strong foundation. She also requested all the organizations to invest in silent spaces. Dr. Jayanthi also stressed on the importance of networking and staying connected.  As quoted by her, she urged all women to be themselves and have faith. Her interesting anecdote from Gujarat was very inspiring to the audience.

Ms. Jayashree Mitra, Head, Global Technology Mgmt, Scope International who wanted to become a fighter pilot shared her inspiring life story and stressed on the theme ‘Ascend- Take charge!’. She provided great insights and quoted a few examples from her workplace as well.

It was a treat for the audience to listen to Mr. Sujith Kumar, location HR Head, Infosys Technologies Ltd. Mr. Sujith shared his experience working with his team of 9 smart women.

He highlighted that the key problem was women refusing to taken leadership position and he had observed this in his very own team during succession planning. He also requested eWIT to address this key problem. He said that when people are pushed to a corner they would emerge stronger taking charge of the situation.  He shared an inspiring story of a fisherwoman who goes out and catches fish all by herself in this male dominated profession.  He also shared story of an orphan girl who successfully got placed in one of the most prestigious IT companies.  He cited that these women took charge of their destiny and emerged stronger and successful. He also stressed on the family support and said majority of the successful women in the IT companies say that they owe their success to their mother-in-laws who provide them the support and peace they needed at home to succeed at work. Mr. Sujith quoted that woman have started taking charge in the rural sectors as well.

The General Secretary of Tamil Nadu chapter of Indian Federation of United Nations Association (TNFUNA). Mr. Narayanan, distributed booklets on “Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business”, which gives roadmap to companies on putting the Women Empowerment Principles in to practice.  This roadmap was derived from large collection of company-submitted examples, titled “Companies leading the Way: Putting the Principles into Practice”, put together by UN Women.

To mark the occasion eWIT released its 8th Anniversary souvenir.  The souvenir was released by an executive from Excelacom Technologies, the souvenir sponsor and received by the Chief Guest and speakers.

The eWIT excellence award winners from different categories were then felicitated by the chief guests.

The event ended with a vote of thanks, thanking all the sponsors and all the patrons who made this event a grand success.

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