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Award Details
First Prize : Rs, 10,000/-
Second Prize : Rs 5000/-
Dates to save  
Last Date of Registration : January 20th 2016
Written Paper Submission : 1st February 2016
Oral Presentation : March 5th 2016

Inviting nominations for eWIT Excellence Award Contest

Are you from HR or Quality or Technology background?
Are you ready to share your knowledge / expertise and experience in your area?
Here’s an opportunity! Take part in this year’s eWIT Excellence Award Contest. Choose your
topic of interest, put on your writer’s cap, and write!
Presenting your paper in eWIT forum goes a long way. Who knows, your paper may qualify
for the award and get published in the annual brochure and will be recognized by a large
audience. Go ahead and register.

About eWIT

eWIT was formed with the vision: "To be the preferred forum for exchange of ideas and for pioneering initiatives so as to unleash the potential of women and drive their growth in the IT/ITES industry" with specific objectives of:

Expanding the women workforce at all management levels and sustain and flourish
Enabling women to tread the career path by equipping them with necessary skills
Facilitating women's quest for a better 'work - life' balance in IT/ITES Sector
Since inception, eWIT has organised various activities for spearheading growth and excellence among women professionals in the IT/ITES industry.
About eWIT's Excellence Award

"The eWIT Excellence Award" for women professionals in the IT/ITES industry is designed to provide an opportunity for women IT/ITES professionals to showcase their talent and expertise in their respective areas. Over the last few years, we have had an excellent participation by women professionals for this competition. Our Sponsors for the AWARD have been –Cognizant Technology, Accenture & Tech Mahindra.

  Category A: Technology  

Managing data with emerging technologies

  Category B: Quality  

Enhanced Quality through process innovation

  Category C: Human Resources  

Organizational competitiveness through learning strategies

More on the topics

Category A: Technology

Managing data with emerging technologies

The amount of data generated and stored has exploded in the past few years because of new social behavior, the vast spread of Social system as well as the way businesses are being conducted. In this scenario, management of variety of data is beyond the capacity of relational database approaches. Given the amount of data expansion, technology challenges, organization limitations, privacy concerns among other obstacles, the trend is to approach analyzing data with new emerging technologies.

The paper should aim to examine how the emerging data management technologies, integrates several advanced data management infrastructure and clearly addresses the required information management and exploitation capabilities required to implement the ‘Big Data ecosystem’ enabled infrastructure.

Category B: Quality

Enhanced Quality through process innovation

Quality is a mandatory aspect in the current trend of competitive world. The Quality of the Process is directly relates to quality of the deliverables in creating a product or a service. With the added pressure on efficiency of operations, process becomes an essential aspect for sustaining what we deliver. While complying to the set process is essential, there is a need to be innovative with the changing needs. As always the business needs keeps dynamically changing, process also needs flexibility to mend itself to these needs without compromising them. Like we talk about innovation in products, tools and engineering practices, it is becoming inevitable in the areas of process also. The process innovation that goes along the business demands will be of great support in making the business delivery excel which is the need of the hour. Obviously there are challenges associated with them.

The paper is expected to discuss aspects around these points and case studies, where relevant.

Category C: Human Resources

Organizational competitiveness through learning strategies
In the present dynamic condition of global business environment organizations are put in situations which demand them to be adaptable and at the same time be proactive. To address this, one aspect many organizations have concentrated on is organizational learning. Strategists have understood the significance of organizational learning in generating and maintaining competitive advantage.

The premise for this paper is that organization which have learning strategies are competitive and have an edge over others.

Learning strategies are defined as strategies to continuously upgrade skill sets of the workforce by various methods including training, certifications, experiential training, membership of cross functional teams for new projects, rotation of employees to new functional areas and new geographies etc.

Participants can either agree or disagree with the premise. Arguments and logic to support the premise chosen should be developed.

In the option of :

supporting the premise - suggest ways by which possible pitfalls for not achieving competitiveness can be avoided and how the learning strategies can be made sustainable
not supporting the premise - need to justify why the learning strategies can never be sustainable

Guidelines for participants


Women professionals in the IT/ITES industries are eligible to present one paper in any one of the topics as appropriate.
In order to encourage more women to participate, please note that past Excellence Award winners are not eligible to participate.
In order to encourage younger women to participate, only those with less than 15 years experience in the IT/ITES industry can participate.
Registration Deadline

Please register on or before 20th January 2016

Registration Fee


FREE for all eWIT members

Non Members

Individual non members can pay Rs.500/- and become a member first and then register for FREE.
Corporate who are not eWIT members can encourage their women employees who wish to participate to become individual members or become corporate members themselves. Regular eWIT membership fees for corporate (as indicated in our website) will apply.
Please make the cheque favouring 'Empowering Women in IT' and courier to No.6, Kalakshetra Avenue, 2nd Street, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041. Ph: 044-42120706.
Please mail to admin@ewit.co.in or contact the given no. for any queries on the contest
Scope and Rules for Written Presentation
The written presentation on the chosen topic must be submitted on or before 1st February 2016
Paper is to be presented orally by an individual and not by a group
Paper should be presented in .doc or .pdf format (if you have docx format, pls. convert to .doc and submit)
Your file name format should be your name <>category<>topic.doc (for ex. Mala_HR_Workplace Learning.doc)
• Please do not mention your company name, your designation or your short profile in your paper anywhere
Consequent page should carry executive summary of the paper not exceeding 250 words
Total paper presentation should be between 2500 to 3500 words
Should be typed, double spaced leaving 3 cms margin all the four side
Font should be Times New Roman, 12 point
Pages should be numbered
Charts, diagrams, etc. may be included to support any research work or data collection
Paper submitted should be the original work of the author
• Plagiarism - inclusion of other peoples' work to substantiate a point being made should be appropriately acknowledged. Source & name of author will have to be mentioned in the Bibliography. However, no direct 'cut and paste' is allowed. If 'cut and paste' from sources acknowledged or not acknowledged are found, the paper will be rejected.
Should contain a Bibliography at the end stating actual sources of references
Evaluation Criteria for Written Presentation
Presentation Format
Originality & Creative Thinking
Accuracy and depth of content
A jury of eminent persons from the corporate world and academic field will evaluate the written presentations
Top 5 written presentations in each category will be selected for oral presentation
Scope and Rules for Oral presentation
Based on evaluation of written presentations, selected individuals will be called for the oral presentation before the panel on March 5, 2016. The panel will evaluate the oral presentation and choose the winners based on the scores of their evaluation of both written and oral presentation. Results will be announced on the same day or the following day.
Those selected for oral presentation in each category will be informed 5-7 days before their scheduled presentation
Oral presentation can be presented by individuals only. Each participant will get a total of 20 minutes for the oral presentation as well as the discussion. First 12 minutes will be used for presentation and the subsequent 8 minutes will be used for discussion with the panel of judges.
After the first 10 minutes of the presentation, there will be an indication of remaining 2 minutes to complete the presentation. If any participant stretches the presentation beyond the time limit of 12 minutes, there will be negative marking for same.
The LCD projector and Laptop will be provided
Order of presentation will be drawn by lot
Evaluation Criteria for oral presentation
Clarity and substance
Ability to communicate with, and respond to questions effectively
Contribution to effective managerial thinking and performance.
Originality & Creativity
Registration process
Log on to http://www.ewit.co.in/
Click on Excellence Award 2016
Click on Registration
Fill details
Award Details
The winners of the contest will get a certificate, cash prize of Rs.10,000/-
The runners up of the contest will get a certificate, cash prize of Rs.5000/- .
3rd & 4th positions will get certificates.
No. 6, Kalakshetra Avenue, 2nd Street, Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600 041, INDIA. Ph - 044-42120706 website: www.ewit.co.in
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