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eWIT Networking Event – Personal Finance Management

eWIT conducted an event on 28th of June, 2013 at Exemplarr Worldwide office on Personal Finance. The entire session was handled by Ms. Renu Maheswari of Finscholarz. The session started with eWIT Executive Committee Member Ms. Jayalakshmi’s introduction about eWIT, the session coach and the session. She invited Ms. Renu to start the session.

Ms. Renu started the session with explaining various reasons for women not handling finance - M Shaped career curve, Lesser earnings due to care given responsibilities, Emotional & Social Reasons, Discriminating social & inheritance Laws, Longevity and Ageing single.

She also briefly touched upon current personal financial market in India. She stated that current market is product oriented and not customer oriented. Hence, she said, it is important for everyone to know how to manage their money.

She advised women to follow five steps to empower themselves - Get Educated, Collect financial data, Use the necessary tools to do the number work, Implement the plan ourselves or with the help of a mentor and to watch money work for us. She also tipped women how to make the money work for us - Give it to other people and earn interest, Invest in some business, Equity, Buy real assets and let them appreciate Gold, Take a bet, Derivatives.

She also advised women to consider factors like risks and returns while rating the investments. Before investing she asked women to align life and wealth and set goals– strategizing, prioritizing, asset allocation and investing.

She has provided the abridged version of 'Finz control'. She said she is open to corporate oriented sessions also.

The session was very interactive and went on till 7pm. She concluded the session making announcement about her forthcoming two-day workshop which was extended to eWIT members for a discounted rate.

The session ended with a thank you note from eWIT Jt. Secretary, Ms. Namagiri Ramesh.

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