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Networking event - 17th February 2012 – Flight or Fight - Should I hang on?"

The event was hosted by Ford Technology Services. This packed Event had representatives from Cognizant, Infosys, Polaris, Scope e Knowledge, Exemplarr Worldwide in addition to many from Ford .
The First speaker – Ms. Smita Venkatraman enacted real life scenarios about how a young mother feels when caught between work and family. She explained how she manages her work and maintains good relations with in-laws, which leads to forming a support system for her child while she is away at work. She also said that she balances between her maternal & paternal so that they get equal time with their grandchild and at the same time neither feel they are being take advantage of.
Ms. Indira Jagan spoke about her marriage and the challenges she faced after marriage, in India & the US to continue her career. She related how the feelings could create a vacuum, especially when you are in another country on a dependant visa. The steps she took to combat boredom and her journey to becoming a partner in her husband’s IT firm. Perseverance was the key taking up a career despite the constraints faced.
Ms. Sabita spoke what it takes to fight and climb up the ladder. She enlightened the audience on the need to express and voice out our thoughts, make others see the point and climb on. She stated that about how women make excellent managers, only they need to be aware of their potential and stop feeling guilty about time spent away from family.  She also insisted that women should forget that they are women when they approach career challenges.  
Common points:

  • Be sure to build support system around you in order for you excel
  • Don’t give up, continue working whatever happens
  • Learn to say no rather than struggle under a pile of work in an attempt to oblige people

The event was well received by all attendees and they actively participated in Q&A.
Ms. Ramya from Ford related her experiences. Her tale was very touching as she related events of her first child’s death, and loss of her her mother before second twins were born.  She spoke about how she learned to gain the support of her mother-in-law and successful able to pursue her work also.   Above all, she was extremely grateful and recognized how helpful Ford had been during the person strains that she faced.  Her message was fight whatever problems that come in your way & you will be a stronger person.

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