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Empowering Women in IT (eWIT) is a women's forum conceptualized by a group of IT Professionals in India. Considering the high growth of the IT industry in India, its vast global coverage and the huge employment potential that it offers, the need has been felt to create a separate platform that addresses women's issues in the IT industry.

All women associated with the IT/ITES industry by education and/or profession anywhere in India or abroad are welcome to become members of eWIT. Furthermore, any person, provided he/she fulfils
certain conditions, interested in the cause of women's issues in IT, can be associated with eWIT as a well wisher.

  • Vision
  • To be the preferred forum for interchange of ideas and for pioneering initiatives so as to unleash the potential of women and drive their growth in the IT industry.

  • Objectives
    • Expand the women workforce at all management levels in the IT industry
    • Enable women to tread the career path by equipping them with necessary skills
    • Facilitate women's quest for a better work life balance in IT Sector
  • Activities
  • To achieve the above objectives, focus would be on the following activities:

    • Promoting IT as a preferred career choice for women starting from the college level.
    • Providing hands on training programmes to enhance soft / leadership skills to make them more effective and enable them to take on higher responsibilities.
    • Provide mentoring / counselling services.
    • Take on relevant projects that would facilitate women to pursue their careers (eg. Expanding the network and day care centres, etc.)
    • Act as preferred voice of women in the IT industry to take up women-related issues with corporates and governments.
    * The above will be done by organising seminars, contact programmes, training courses, workshops and projects.
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