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Women all over the world are doing the balancing act of work and home. The women of India serving the IT/ITES industry are no exception. The number of women in the IT/ITES industry who have decided to call it quits at various levels of their career is continuously increasing. This is primarily because women are unable to spend the rigorous hours at the office which is expected of them in the industry today. Though, at entry levels, the percentage of women is growing, at first level management and beyond, the percentage has not risen.

One of eWIT’s objectives is to help women sustain themselves in the IT/ITES industry by offering them skills and opportunities that they require to flourish. eWIT’s Consulting Services is one of the ways by which we planned to achieve this objective. During eWIT’s second anniversary function last year, we introduced Consulting Services as one of eWIT’s key programs for 2008-2009. We are glad to inform you that eWIT has completed and formalized this service.

eWIT’s consulting services primarily offers the services of women who would like to work under flexi-career option to the companies that would like to optimize the resources by utilizing these women. By organizing and bringing together the women IT professionals who have decided to leave the full-time based work, eWIT Consulting Services offers an ideal platform to effectively bridge the two entities.

Companies are always looking for ways to cut down on expenses and operational overhead especially during challenging times. Often, a part time or work from home method offers tremendous savings. Companies save on infrastructure expenses, and other HR related benefit expenses and other overhead expenses by utilizing resources on ‘work from home’ basis. 

Why Flexi-career?
Women seek fl exi-career for various reasons:

  • Pursuing higher studies and would like to cut down on the working hours
  • Taking a break from full time employment to attend to personal needs, be it marriage, children, or care for the elderly
  • Like to shift your career to that of a consultant because of your vast and varied experience
  • Would like to set aside time to pursue other interests (music, dance, etc.) while continue to serve the industry
  • Simply do not want the stress associated with full-time career and seek a better work-life balance through consulting option
  • Love to work but don’t want to get involved in corporate politics
  • Expecting to move out of town or other future commitments that may hinder full time work


Definition of Flexi-career

A flexi-career is an option where:

  • One can work part time, meaning work less than 8 hours a day on a regular basis. T his could be 4 hours a day, 2 hours a day, or 3 days a week, etc. basically committing to a certain number of hours per week
  • One can work from home, again, full time or part time, visiting the office only on a periodic basis. This option usually requires the candidates to have a computer at home with broadband internet connection


  • Short term assignments which requires commitment for completing specific assignments


Currently, eWIT is offering the services to companies in Chennai bridging the women in Chennai. We hope to extend the service beyond Chennai real soon.

Type of Jobs

Not all jobs may be suitable to those seeking flexi career options. However, there are a large number of jobs that can be effectively shared or served as flexi career option. We are confident that companies, as they explore the flexi career option seriously, would come up with creative ways to include more job profiles as suitable for flexi career option.

Currently, we are focusing on:

  • Programmers
  • Copy writers, editors, etc.
  • Technical Trainers, Technical writers
  • Multimedia specialists
  • HR professionals, recruiters, etc
  • Quality process professionals, ISO9001, CMMI process definition experts, documentation experts
  • Internal Auditors for Software QA
  • Software testers
  • Computer aided customer care professionals, tele-callers, lead generators, etc.
  • Project Managers, Senior Consultants, Solution Architects
  • Based on the market need, eWIT plans to expand the job profiles.


Woman professional seeking Flexi-career option

eWIT has enlisted in naukri.com specifically addressing women who are not currently working but would like to seek a flexi career option. The response to this listing has been overwhelming. We have received over 1000 profiles in just two months. Woman can apply in the naukri site. Alternatively, they can also email to admin@ewit.co.in with appropriate details. The candidates can also post their resumes directly into our website

eWIT would analyse the skills and contact the person to obtain additional information as necessary. Once the profile is verified, the same is listed in eWIT’s web site. Companies would be able to view the highlights of the profile minus the personal information of the candidate.

Companies seeking fl exi career women

The companies can email their requirements to admin@ewit.co.in along with the contact details. You may also post your requirement directly into our website www.ewit.co.in. eWIT would contact you to obtain additional information as needed. eWIT would analyse the available profiles for suitability and enable the companies to contact the individuals.

Alternatively, the companies can also access our site, www.ewit.co.in to search the candidates posted (without the personal details and contact details) to see if any suitable profiles are available based on their requirement. The searching can be done for FREE.


The women can post their resumes for FREE. Once the first engagement is confirmed, we require the candidates to become a eWIT member by paying the annual membership fee of Rs.500.

The corporations can avail the searching service for FREE. However, once a candidate is identified and confirmed for engagement, the company has to pay Rs.2,500 per candidate. This fee is charged primarily to make this a sustainable program.

Benefits to the consultants by contacting eWIT

  • eWIT is a ‘not for profi t’ organization. Therefore, there is no percentage based fee to avail the service. The consultant just needs to become a member of eWIT by paying the nominal membership fee before starting the first engagement.


  • eWIT maintains the privacy of the consultants. The companies would have access to the contact information of eWIT consultants only after eWIT contacting the consultants first.
  • eWIT would help the consultants to draw up consulting services agreement, if needed


  • eWIT would help them with the tax returns, and provide contacts with regard to other legal matters
  • eWIT would help negotiate the consulting rates on behalf of the consultant, if the consultants would like us to do that


  • eWIT would be arranging periodic networking meetings in order for the consulting women to get an opportunity to meet other consultants and establish contacts, share thoughts, etc.
  • Periodic workshops for the consultants to continuously upgrade their skills


eWIT’s objective is to help women sustain and flourish and derive the maximum benefit by associating with eWIT.

eWIT’s Consulting Services is a way by which, the women can have the cake and eat it too. eWIT requests the companies, big and small, to take advantage of this service and benefit from it. By doing so, you are helping to increase the share of women in the IT industry at all level and help women sustain in the industry.
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