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eWIT 14th Anniversary – 4th Sep 2020


In 2006, EWIT (Empowering Women in IT/ITES) embarked on a mission to ensure that the potential of women power is harnessed to the fullest extent. The impact of their pioneering initiatives is visible in the growth of women in entry level as well as the echelons of power in IT/ITES industry.

Be it the challenge of work/life balance or returning to work after a break or upskilling for moving up in one’s career, or starting a new business, eWIT has extended all the necessary support for women. During the last fourteen years, eWIT has conducted several events that are motivational, skill building or leadership. Participating in these events help one derive strength and motivation needed to face challenges.

The 14th Anniversary of eWIT was held on 4th September, bundling a host of events, which included unveiling of eWIT in its new avatar-eWIT 2.0 , bringing in top-notch women leaders from across the world to speak on women leadership, innovation and honoring women through their Excellence Awards.

Ms Rajalaksmi, retired Director, STPI and the brain behind formation of eWIT, unveiled eWIT 2.0. EWIT 2.0 will focus on the new era of digital transformation, which will address the scope of innovation, Leadership, Wellness, entrepreneurship and adaptability. Ms Rajalakshmi encouraged women to speak up for their rights and not to suffer in silence. She suggested eWIT to continue supporting women in upskilling their skills who were inclined in pursuing their career after personal breaks

Ms Bhanurekha Condur, President of eWIT and Associate Vice President at Sutherland, gave presidential address briefing including eWIT2.0 and the Digital Transformation agenda. Sutherland has extended the Digital E-learning Platform, “SOLVE” to all eWIT members as a free learning & certification portal. eWIT appreciates the gesture of Sutherland towards this initiative.

Ms Donna Tuths, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Sutherland spoke about Women leadership in the new normal and encouraged women to seek opportunities for learning, volunteer for things that make them uncomfortable, be courageous to ask for what you deserve, may be a promotion, role change, etc., get hooked onto a mentor or two and pay it forward for other women. Her direction captivated the participants.

Ms Pallavi Shome, COO of BNY Mellon articulated the Global Trends in Innovation and Transformation. She verbalized three key takeaways – having an agile mindset, fear being the reaction while courage is decision and following self-discipline. She enthralled the audience with pragmatic scenarios.

A scintillating fireside chat was organized with Ms Shobha Shetty of World Bank on Role of Women and Leveraging the new normal to create global opportunities for women. Ms Shobha’s chat with Ms Rama Sivaraman, former COO of Polaris Consulting Services Ltd was substantiated with lots of research data of World Bank making the participants spellbound. She emphasized on equal pay, mentoring, adequate support systems, removing gender bias, moving off workplace discrimination and being more passive, and having a role model to drive the passion for women to have a sustained work life.

The session did honor the young and experienced women through the Excellence Awards. Ms Poornima M Thakur was awarded with the best Emerging Woman in Technology, Ms Manisha Gandhi was as the best Emerging Woman award in Innovation, Ms Siva Sankari Sekaran as Rockstar Woman in Technology, Ms Anzy Meerasahib as Rockstar Woman in Innovation, Ms Shridevi S Bale as Trendsetter Woman in Innovation and Ms Reji Rajendran as Trendsetter Woman in Technology. eWIT also recognized and honored uncompromising efforts in the field of academics.

Dr Vaidehi Vijayakumar, Vice Chancellor, Mother Teresa Women's University, Kodaikanal, was presented with the Academic Icon Excellence Award for 2020.

Ms. Ruth Aarthy Asha, secretary eWIT presented the annual list of events and members for the last term. Ms Latha Ramesh, Treasurer of eWIT thanked the relentless support rendered by sponsors and supporters, BNY Mellon, Sutherland, Integra and STPI, participants and corporates.

We had 200+ participants on Zoom during the event and 2000 viewers have watched our Facebook live post.

We will be posting the event recording on our website ewit.co.in pls visit our website for more details.

Facebook /YouTube live links – https://www.facebook.com/ewitglobal/videos/680129182601938/

recording of 14th anniversary event

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