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eWIT Technical Session


eWIT Technical Session held on 24th February 2016 on the topic ‘Why API’s rule the world?’ at STPI Auditorium, No.5, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Taramani, Chennai-113 from 5pm to 7pm.

About the topic

What’s great about today is that we can start our work on a computer, pick it up on our phones, and proofread it on a smartwatch. Building interconnected services has become a prerequisite in today’s interconnected world. However, managing these services does not always need to land you in a spaghetti of mess. Building modular, scalable and secure API’s is what will set you on a path of growth. The talk “Why API’s rule the world” will introduce efficient API design, discuss key API concerns when it comes to scaling, and guide on how to run a API driven business model.


Ms. Swaathi, Co-Founder, Skcript

About the Speaker

Ms. Swaathi is the co founder of Skcript and serves as the VP of Products. Skcript is the brains behind SHRINK, the best compression server for the enterprise. She is an avid open source developer and strongly believes in WomenWhoCode. She also co-runs Google Developers Group in Chennai

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