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eWIT’s Excellence Award 2013

eWIT conducted “eWIT’s Excellence Award - 2013”, a Paper Presentation Contest, to unleash the potential of IT/ITES woman professionals, to showcase their talent and expertise in their respective areas, and this opportunity was extended to woman students too.

Candidates from various organizations had registered to take part in the contest and sent in their papers from which the eminent panelists had evaluated the papers and short listed 4 papers each in Technology and Human Resource, Quality categories for oral presentation.

The oral presentation for all the categories was held on 16th March 2013 at one of the corporate member’s office, RR Donnelley. The event had a healthy and tough competition amongst the 4 short listed candidates each in all categories and the event was teeming with ideas and conversation. The panelists gave suggestions and ideas to candidates for improvising their presentation.

The following candidates emerged as winners taking away the first and second place respectively.




Runners up

Technology Enhancing Customer Experience through Portals/Content/Collaboration/ Business Analytics Ms. Lakshmi Ranganathan, RR Donnelley, Chennai 1. Ms. Swapna Shree Jaivittal, RR Donnelley, Chennai
2. Ms. Dhanaselvi C, HCL Technologies, Chennai
Human Resources Creating a Culture of/for Intrapreneurship Ms. Deepa Rahul Easwar, IBS Software Services, Trivandrum Ms. Stella Little Asha Stephen, Hexaware Technologies Limited, Chennai
Quality Enhancing Customer Experience through Portals/Content/Collaboration/ Business Analytics Ms. Premalatha Shanmugham, Indium Software India Ltd., Chennai Ms. Preethi Sylvia, HCL Technologies, Chennai

The winners in each category will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.10000 and Rs.5000 for the first and second place respectively in eWIT’s 7th Anniversary event scheduled during last week of April 2013.

eWIT extends cordial appreciation for the support given by all the members, and participants in making this event a grand success. Especially, eWIT thanks the panel of judges who had spent their invaluable time in selecting the papers for the final presentation and also for chairing the event.

Our sincere thanks to the following panelists and judges for the support and guidance to us to make this event a great success. We look forward to your continued support for our future events.

1 Ms. Vanathy Senthilnathan Program Manager – Strategic Initiatives for BASF Account, Mahindra Satyam
2 Ms. Sumitra PC Asst Vice President & Quality Director - Polaris
3 Ms. Nirmala Gopalakrishnan Head - Training Operations, Hexaware Technologies
1 Ms. Shalini Das User Experinece Consultant, Mahindra Satyam
2 Ms. Priya Koshy Vice President - Polaris (HR Head – BSC1)
3 Mr. Jairam Iyer Information Technology Consultant, Infocareer Private Ltd
Human Resources
1 Mr. Meenakshi Chidambaram Asst Vice President - HR, Mahindra Satyam
2 Mr. Sriram N Vice President & Director - HR, Polaris
3 Ms. Sudhalini Madhusudhan Senior Management Consultant, Kelsa Management Solutions.

We would also like to convey our thanks to the volunteers from eWIT members companies who helped us in conducting the Oral Presentation sessions smoothly.

eWIT has also conducted Photography contest. The winners of the contest are:
Winner: Gargi Sarcar, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Runner up: Priya Aldam, Take Solutions, Chennai

The winners of this contest will be rewarded a cash prize of Rs.2000 and Rs.1500 for the first and second place respectively.
Priya Aldam, Runner up, Photography Contest

“I applaud EWIT in recognizing the need to “Empower Women” through various medium and one such being the powerful visual medium of photography. The opportunity to capture the Women of Will (WOW) was an enriching experience which left an everlasting memoir in my life. The visuals captured were a depiction of the challenges, turmoil and strife for existence faced by women in their multifaceted journey of life as a Mother, Daughter, Wife, Professional, Leader and many more.”

Asha Stephen, Runner up, HR

The topic is one of my favourite topics as well as presenting paper is also which I like most to do. Confidence, Boldness and practical and clear understanding of the topic would be the reasons for my success I guess. I thank the eWIT for this wonderful opportunity being given to me.

Premalatha, Winner, Quality

During oral presentation, within the given time frame, we need to bring out the core theme of Quality; the best practices of compatibility testing with our strategic approach supported with metrics dashboard. And the attributes for evaluation are really challenging.  With the experience level of the judges panel one should have 360 degree view. The toughest part is Q&A session, to handle the queries of the jury panel,  real  project and process experience should speak out.

Swapna, Runner up, Technology

My passion towards technology and enhancements has been realized with this project implementation. I have had tremendous learning from this project in terms of automation and planning combined with matching and exceeding customer expectations. With the help of this learning, I was able to present the project and field the questions I was asked by the judges, with ease. I attribute my learning directly to this win!

Lakshmi Ranganathan, Winner, Technology

"I believe that every woman has within her the capabilities to succeed. It's just that we have to be willing to explore them and showcase them. In the right environment, where women can be supported as they muster that little bit of extra energy to give it a shot or try a different approach, they can emerge as winners. I'm grateful for this opportunity, for the support I've received, and for this recognition."  

Deepa Rahul Easwar, Winner, HR

eWit has added immense value to my career and has given me a massive exposure to the views of industry experts on this relatively fresh topic, Intra-preneurship. I believe the passion with which I had looked at this topic coupled with the confidence with which I had presented it orally in a precise time span of 12 minutes, followed by a pleasant and effective handling of questions put across by the judges who were representatives from giant organizations, together has led me to win this most coveted title. This victory is very close to my heart and I thank eWit with all my heart for giving us the right platform for empowering ourselves in our professional growth. eWit , through its such activities keeps telling the world that “The hands that rock the cradle can definitely rock the world too !”

Dhanaselvi Chandrasekaran, Runner up, Technology

I always believe in  “No matter what obstacles life throws at us, we can walk away a winner, all because of a positive attitude and Hard work”
I take this opportunity to thank eWit,  Kalyani Narayanan President – eWIT for organizing an event specially to encourage women employees in IT industry. it is a good platform for talented women IT employees to showcase their  talents , provides a learning platform and creates an opportunity to meet women achievers ,roles models  in IT industry. My sincere Thanks to Saradha, Bhuvana of eWIT  for their great coordination. I would like to thank  HCL Management and all my mentors from HCL especially Sundar Lal (AGM, Technology Management Office -  HCL ) for the continuous support and encouragement,  Thank you.

Gargi Sarkar, Winner, Photography

"Proud to be a woman - That's the thought that came to my mind when I made this photograph at the passing out parade of Indian Army. For me, every picture holds emotions and has a story to tell. This one in particular gives me a feeling of pride and respect that each of these young cadets holds in her heart. Real empowerment of women lies in the trust that society puts on them. This company of officers, led by a woman, exemplifies this true empowerment."

Preethi Sylvia, Runner up, Quality

I always wanted to do something different, i.e to be a showmaker and not a mere spectator. I knew I had an inherent God-given talent but then I had to push myself a bit more to develop them into skills to accomplish my goals. This sure is a welcome relief from my work to showcase my talent. Until I took this up, I never knew I was capable of winning a prize worth the effort I been putting in all the while. I am really thankful to my organization HCL for giving me this opportunity .

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