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Are Indian Women in Business, Global Ready?

This month's networking event was conducted on Friday, July 2 nd 2010. This event was the second of the Role Model series in which Ms. Ranjini Manian, Founder & CEO-Global Adjustments had addressed the members of eWIT on the topic “Are Indian Women in Business, Global Ready?”

The evening started with Ms. Rajini Reddy, Treasurer, eWIT introducing eWIT to the audience and briefing them on the recent activities of eWIT. Then she went on to introduce the speaker – Ms. Ranjini Manian. “Ranjini pioneered in founding a company that provides cross-cultural services for expatriates. Having worked with thousands of clients over 75 nationalities, Ranjini personifies the essence of the true global Indian with “Indian Roots and Global Wings” said Rajini Reddy.

Ranjini started her lecture with establishing the fact that in today's business environment it is quite imperative that individuals need to learn to thrive in universality, guard against complacency, adjust to multiple bosses and take responsibilities in order to be successful. Speckled with interesting anecdotes throughout her speech, she had brought out the cultural vantage of Indian women – the ‘FAL HI' features -( F lexible, A daptable, L oyal, H ospitable and I ntellectually Agile).

Although the Indian IT industry at this time is on a high, she had quoted an article written in a remote German magazine that listed the pitfalls of the Indian IT industry. In her opinion, she said that the women in IT definitely need to address certain aspects (which she calls the AI-COP) in order to improve its global image.

A – Ability to say solution oriented “no”

I – India Awareness - Be aware of India 's culture and heritage and be proud of it

C – Communication – Be clear, direct and understand the cultural aspect of communication

O – Organization – Learn to plan your activities and implement them effectively

P – Presentation – Care should be taken in improving both aspects of presentation namely personal attire and our professional work.

The speech was well received and the audience took part actively in the Q&A section of the session.

The evening was called to an end by Ms. Sumitra Seshan, General Secretary of eWIT after presenting a Vote of Thanks.
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