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Knowledge Sharing event with Medall – 9th July 2011 – ‘How to say no’

The event was conducted at eWIT at Madras Boat Club from 9am to 12nn.  This was a half-day program with Medall Behavioral Health Services which serves and solves the health related challenges of its customers.  Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury, Sr. Vice President (Behavioral Health & Corporate Services) conducted the program.
The program started with Ms. Vijayalakshmi Rao, President, eWIT giving an intro of eWIT.  She further introduced Medall and Dr. Raja to the audience.
Dr. Raja brought out many anecdotes from his real life experiences to make the audience understand how the work and family could be balanced.  He stressed Understanding and Communication aas the biggest tools while managing the work and family.  He gave a brief presentation on how to say NO in different situations.  He pointed out that saying ‘No’ is only making the others understand and not to be used as a tool for hurting.  In his presentation he showcased different situations of life faced by some people and asked the audience to come up with a solution as a person, as an employer, as a persons relative, etc.  The session was interactive and well received.

The program concluded with a thank you note by Ms. Latha Ramesh.
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