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Networking event – August 23, 2011 – ‘Bring out the Entrepreneur in You

The event was conducted in ISTE Professional Centre, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Chennai 600025.  The speakers of the event were Ms.  Hemu Ramaiah, Managing Director, Shop4Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Dr L.S.Ganesh, Head, Dept of Management Studies, IIT, Madras.
Ms Hemu Ramaiah insisted on the value that we provide to the customers for sustainable business. She also elaborated on the risk taking ability that is required in every entrepreneur. The other important aspects that are required included functional capability or knowledge and understanding of the business problem for which we are providing the solution. According to her, the 6Es that are critical are: Energy, Expertise, Enthusiasm, Effort, Empowerment, and Endurance. She also helps new and upcoming entrepreneurs with the necessary guidance at the relevant check points. She suggested that eWIT can also provide such a platform for women entrepreneurs as a matter of encouragement and support.

Dr. L S Ganesh focused on cultivating the entrepreneurship in the minds of students from the college days itself. He also gave the message that networking is important and entrepreneurs need to keep them updated with the happenings around always. He also believes that there is life beyond all these and we have to look at it in a holistic manner, especially with the rich culture prevailing in our country. He shared his involvement with few organizations which offers employment to differently abled people.
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