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Role Model Series - 1st Feb 2011 - Ms. Hema Hari

eWIT has conducted its yet another Role Model Series talk on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at the office of Exemplarr, Chennai. Ms. Hema Hari of Bharath Gyan shared her unique views about women empowerment in India.

The evening started with Ms. Rajini Reddy, Treasurer, eWIT introducing eWIT to the audience. Then she went on to introduce the speaker - Ms. Hema Hari.

Ms. Hema Hari talked about multi faces of women hood as 'Ashta Lakshmi', 'Bhooma Devi', etc. in India. She briefed about the tangible and intangible qualities of women. She affirmed that before British came to India the status of women in Indian society was much higher than it is today. She also explained how the women were the keepers of wealth and the women managed the wealth. The men and other family members need to ask the women if they needed money for business or other purposes. Interest had to be paid to the women on the loan borrowed.

She also quoted examples of women associated with land fertility, demi-gods, rivers etc. Women were responsible for storing the seeds and offered to men for cultivation. She quoted roles attributed to women as being employed in the kingdom of Pandiyas just before British came to India.

She discussed about the way of looking at women's share in society. She said that men and women are NOT equal. In Sanskrit words, she pointed out that woman in today's context are focusing on 'sama' or equal whereas ideally they are 'saha' meaning co-exist or complementary. She reiterated that both women and men should complement each other for a harmonious function of society than women and men considered as 'equals' as they are not. Each gender possesses its own special skills and capabilities which should be harnessed for the successful progression of humankind.

She expressed the importance of people being natural-self thus our society becomes 'natural society'.

The speech was well received and the audience took part actively in the Q&A section of the session.

The evening was called to an end by Ms. Pramila of Rajshree Systems after presenting a Vote of Thanks.

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