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Knowledge Sharing event - 10th December, 2011 - visit to ExNoRa Founder Mr. Nirmal’s Flat at Koyambedu

eWIT, this time, organized an unique event on growing plants in flats and offices.  It took its members to Mr. M B  Nirmal’s flat at Koyambedu where he has developed State of Art City Farming
He gave a brief presentation on how the kitchen wastes are transformed into composite and used as manure for plants.  In his PPT he showed the plants, grassland, trees that ExNoRa developed and is maintaining around Vellore Mahalakshmi Temple.  He also explained how the house hold wastes are segregated into papers, plastics, glasses, vegetable wastes and non-veg wastes and disposed suitably.  He also showed the different types of planting in different format like, hanging plants, Terrace Garden, Gate Garden, Compound Wall Garden, Balcony Garden, Sky farming, Vertical farming, Rack method, etc.

He took the visitors around his flat and showed the plants that are being grown.  He also took the visitors to a garden that is being developed and maintained by him and his people.  He also said ExNoRa is ready to help people / organizations who are interested in getting advice on planting trees, waste management, garbage removal, etc.  The session was very interactive and visitors raised many questions which were cheerfully answered by Mr. Nirmal. 
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