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22nd March 2012 (3.30pm 5.30pm)
IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113

Meeting with

Dr. Sandhya Shekhar, Chief Executive Officer of IIT Madras Research Park

Dr. Sadhya Shekhar explained with passion on how IIT’s dream came into life with the setting up of this research park. The complex is located very near Tidel Park on about 10 acres and has over 5 lakhs sq ft of office space. The research park was mainly started to create the ecosystem for R&D, where companies can get the deep knowledge and research experience of the IIT faculty and the enthusiasm of the IIT students and quickly bring out their ideas into market. Sectors like IT, Automobile, Bio Medical, Engineering, etc. have set up their R&D centre in the park. There are also small incubation centers for the smaller startups/entrepreneurs. The Research Park gives space to these companies with a research focus in the park and helps these entrepreneurs by providing assistance through the expertise available at IIT Madras.

There are still few incubation centers left for those who have market disruptive ideas. You can approach IIT Research Park and submit your case and request for help. Your ideas would be evaluated by a panel of IIT members to ensure the viability of the idea and also to eliminate the businesses that want to take advantage of the primary real estate space. Dr Sandhya said that the Research Park is not intended for renting office space but for nurturing sustainable businesses and creating conducive environment for R&D. She informed that this is the first of its kind promoted by GOI. If this pilot produces desired results, then the same formula would be tweaked, enhanced and introduced all over the country. We could already see the success of the project happening because all the floor spaces are already taken up by large R&D centers by entities like Ministry Of Defense, BHEL, Cognizant, etc. Mr. Thirupalan gave a tour of the Research Park, the floor that was occupied by about a dozen incubation centers.

It may be of interest to know that China has over 200 such Research Parks, with each of them set up in nearly 100 acres of land.

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